Energy Efficient Glazing

The transparent green allied


Truths, myths and lies for energy efficient glasses


TRUTH: Is that the most powerful allied in the effort of reducing the emition of carbon dioxide (CO2) is the energy efficient glazing because in order to produce 1 square meter there is an emition of 25kg while from its use there are saved 91kg annually for a life time.

TRUTH: Is that the use of energy efficient glazing reduces spectacularly the cost of heating oil, natural gas and electric energy reducing at the same time the requirement for high performance boilers and powerful air-conditioners.

TRUTH: Is that the use of energy efficient glazing minimizes the color deterioration of furniture, fabrics, wooden floors and protects the occupants from the harmful ultraviolent (UV) radiation.

TRUTH: Is that considering the easiness of restoring the glasses, the somewhat better cost and the conversely analogous save of energy, you can easily be led to the conclusion that the prompter, simpler and most efficient agency that can be attributed in a building in order to be energy advanced is the conversion of the normal glasses to latest generation energy efficient glass panels.

MYTH: Is that every new technology peak ends up to the consumer in an overwhelming price that few can afford, in this occasion this fact does not exists.

MYTH: Is that every insulating glass is an energy efficient one. In fact, the difference of the energy saves between a real energy efficient one and a common insulating glass can overwhelm 200%.

MYTH: Is that there is only one type of energy efficient glass. In fact, there is a wide variety of them which is able to overwhelm every special requirement.

MYTH: Is that there are investments which are more efficient in saving energy than the energy efficient glasses. In fact, the cost of building 1 square meter of this kind of glass is depreciated in 2 to 3 years as it saves up to 300kwh annually.

LIE: Is that the frame that constitutes in average the 20% of the window can play a more significant role in the save of energy in a window than the glass which constitutes the 80%.

LIE: Is that last generation energy efficient glass has a life expectancy. In fact, there is no life expectancy while it does not require any special maintenance beyond the typical cleaning like every other glass.

LIE: Is that a product which integrates the world peak technology in the sector of energy economy can be sold and installed from anybody. Reality is that the only suitable people to use such products can’t be anyone, but only the certified members of the Pan-Hellenic Glass Industries Federation who are the guarantee for the correct application of such a technologically advanced product.